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SKU: PWFR-SB-L22-C1B-CAA-HD-D15-5-frontwig-325-B Length: 22-26 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: Body WavyWeight: 260-300gCap Construction: 13*4 Lace WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity:150%Feature:1. Use HD swiss lace, good quality.2. Pre-plucked with baby hair.3. Free part as you like..
Ex Tax:$285.00
SKU: PWFR-SS-L22-C1B-CAA-HD-D15-5-frontwig-325-B Length: 22-26 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: StraightWeight: 260-300gCap Construction: 13*4 Lace WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity:150%Feature:1. Use HD swiss lace, good quality.2. Pre-plucked with baby ..
Ex Tax:$285.00
Customized Time: 2-3 working daysSKU: PWFR-SB-L24-Csame-CAA-MB-D20-5-frontwig-485Length: 22 InchColor: Gloden BrownTexture: Body WaveWeight: 300gCap Construction: 13x4 Transparent Lace Front WigDensity: 180%Feature: 180% density, full and t..
Ex Tax:$549.00
Customized Time: 3-4 working daysSKU: PWFR-ST-L24-Csame-CAA-TS-D15-5-frontwig-496Length: 24 InchColor: Red Ruby Mix #1B Texture: StraightWeight: 200gCap Construction: 13x4 Lace Front WigDensity: 180%Feature: 180% density, full and thick!&nb..
Ex Tax:$485.00
Customized Time: 2-3 working daysSKU: PWFR-Ssame-L24-C1B-CAA-TS-D15-5-frontwig-478Length: 24-34 InchColor: #1B Natural Black Texture: Braided Curly WigWeight: 200gCap Construction: 13x6 Lace Front WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity:&n..
Ex Tax:$405.00
Customized Time: 2-3 working daysSKU: PWFR-SB-L24-C1B/ginger-CAA-MB-D18-5-frontwig-464Length: 24 InchColor: #1B/gingerTexture: Body WavyWeight: 350gCap Construction: 5x5 Lace Front WigDensity: 180%Cap Size: Medium SizeStyle: Colored Series..
Ex Tax:$365.00
Personal users need to add 40% to the price for 28 inch products.SKU: PWFR-SDC-L24-C1B-CAA-TS-D15-5-frontwig-323Length: 24-28 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: Deep curlyWeight: 280-320gCap Construction: 13x6 3D Transparent Lace Front WigLace Material: Swiss Lac..
Ex Tax:$265.00
Customized Time: 2-3 working daysSKU: PWFR-SW-L24-C1B-CAA-TS-D15-5-frontwig-471Length: 24/26/28 InchColor: #1BTexture: Poofy Water Wave with BraidsWeight: 350gCap Construction: 13x6 Lace Front WigDensity: 250%Feature: 250% density, full and..
Ex Tax:$365.00
Personal users need to add 40% to the price for 28 inch products.SKU: PWFR-SW-L28-C1B-CAA-TS-D15-5-frontwig-323Length: 28 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: Water WavyWeight: 280-320gCap Construction: 13x6 3D Transparent Lace Front WigLace Material: Swiss La..
Ex Tax:$365.00
Customized Time: 2-3 working daysSKU: PWFR-ST-L28-Csame-CAA-MB-D15-5-frontwig-479Length: 28 InchColor: Cheetah Print(#613+#1B) Texture: StraightWeight: 250gCap Construction: 13x4 Transparent Lace Front WigDensity: 180%Feature: 180% density, full..
Ex Tax:$699.00
Customized Time: 2-3 working daysSKU: PWFR-Ssame-L28-C1B-CAA-MB-D25-5-frontwig-458Length: 28 InchColor: #1BTexture: Poofy Curly with BraidsWeight: 480gCap Construction: 13x4 Lace Front WigDensity: 250%Feature: 250% density, full and thick!Cap Si..
Ex Tax:$459.00
SKU: PWSF-Ssame-L30-C1B-CAA-MB-D15-5-swig-510Delivery Time: Ready to Ship, 3-5 days for delivery Length: 30 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackWeight: 300-400gCap Construction: 13*6 Lace Front WigLace Material: Swiss LaceBraids Type: 100% Hand-BraidedCap Size: Averag..
Ex Tax:$139.99
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