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As online sellers, you must want more customers to visit your website, stay longer, and place orders. But the cost of advertising is too much and there are too many competitors. You also need to keep a full inventory to hold on to your customers. And you still need to think about the product quality, delivery speed, etc.

James's inspiration for wig style

This is Jaliyah London , as a renowned hairstylist and wig maker based in Atlanta, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with TedHair on a truly unique hairstyle. Little did I know that this collaboration would lead to the creation of a hairstyle that would become a viral sensation and continue to sell like hotcakes to this day! This hairstyle has not only garnered millions of views but also gained me hundreds of new followers and immense exposure. Not a day goes by without clients inquiring about the price of this iconic look, and it has significantly boosted my business.
My inspiration for creating this unique look came from a page in Glamour Magazine. I stumbled upon a similar pattern in a different color scheme and was instantly drawn to it. That moment sparked my creativity, and I knew I had to recreate the look, infusing it with my own personal touch.
In a world where trends are constantly evolving, I wanted to be a trailblazer. I wanted to offer something that would make people stop scrolling and say, "Wow, that's different!" This hairstyle became my statement piece, my signature creation that turned heads and ignited conversations.
This hairstyle is a testament to the power of creative reinvention and the boldness to stand out in the crowd. It's a symbol of originality and the courage to make a statement in a world full of trends.

Tedhair Dropshipping Service

  • We can help you customize logo, labels, tags and package bag.
  • We can help you attach your logo labels and do dropshipping for your customers. Without tedhair logo.
  • We can help you build your shopify website, and you can select the products you want to show by your site.
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