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SKU: PWFR-ST-L12-C1B-CAA-TS-D15-5-frontwig-389Length: 12 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: StraightWeight: 180gCap Construction: 13"x4" Transparent Frontal Lace WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature:1. Natural Hairline: Baby Hair around the entire perimeter.  2. Includes..
Ex Tax:$93.00
SKU: LM-T5-XTLW-12M-M228-LFeatures:Mature & Elegant Loose WaveBrown Mix Black, Brighten Your FaceShort Length, Lightweight, & EffortlessTangle Free & Low Maintenance..
Ex Tax:$89.00
SKU: PWFR-SS-L12-C427-CAA-MB-D15-5-frontwig-402Length: 12 InchColor: #P4/27 Texture: StraightWeight: 200gCap Construction: 13x4 Lace Front WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 200%Feature: 1. Natural Hairline: Baby Hair around the entire pe..
Ex Tax:$103.00
SKU: PWFR-SW-L12-C1B-CAA-LB-D18-5-frontwig-401Length: 12 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: Water WavyWeight: 200gCap Construction: 4”x4” Closure WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature:1. Natural Hairline: Baby Hair around the entire perimeter.  2. Includes a elastic band...
Ex Tax:$80.00
SKU: T5-44BOB-12M-RED-BLength: 12 InchColor: # Red-OrangeTexture: StraightWeight: 200gCap Construction: 4”x4” Closure WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature: The gorgeous, red-orange hue will have you looking like you spent hours in a salon..
Ex Tax:$107.00
SKU: PWFR-SKC-L14-CP230-CAA-MB-D15-5-frontwig-306Length: 14 InchColor: #1B/30Texture: Kinky CurlyWeight: 210gCap Construction: 5"x5" Closure Lace WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature:1. No baby hair pre-plucked realistic hairline!2. ..
Ex Tax:$137.00
SKU: PWFR-SW-L14-C1B27-CAA-MB-D15-5-frontwig-288-ALength: 14 InchColor: #1B/27Texture: Water WaveWeight: 200gFeature:1. Use swiss lace, good quality.2. Pre-plucked hairline more realistic looking                     3. 1..
Ex Tax:$163.00
SKU: PWFR-SKC-L14-C1B-CAA-MB-D15-5-frontwig-289-ALength: 14 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: CurlyWeight: 200gCap Construction: 13"x4" Frontal Lace WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature:1. Pre-bleached: Knots are lightly bleached ..
Ex Tax:$156.00
SKU: LM-T5-55BLW-14M-MB30-LBFeatures:Super real HD laceMore versatilityGlueless installComfortableFlawless melt with scalpProtective style..
Ex Tax:$145.00
SKU: PWHB-SDC-L16-C1B-CAA-MB-D15-5-hbwig-03Length: 16-18 InchColor: #1B Natural Black Texture: Deep curlyWeight: 200gFeature:1. Save your time2. Affordable & convenient hairstyles3. Great protective styles for wig beginners4. Suits for 6 occasions, zoom meeting/ dai..
Ex Tax:$83.00
SKU: PWFR-SS-L16-C613-CAA-MB-D15-5-frontwig-246Length: 16-24 InchColor: #613 Lightest BlondeTexture: StraightWeight: 210-280gCap Construction: 4*4 Upgrade Lace Front WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature:1. Use swiss lace, good qualit..
Ex Tax:$168.00
Personal users need to add 40% to the price for 28 inch products.SKU: PWFR-SB-L16-C1B-CAA-TS-D15-5-frontwig-323Length: 16-28 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: Body WavyWeight: 210-320gCap Construction: 13x6 3D Transparent Lace Front Glueless WigLace Material: Swiss L..
Ex Tax:$155.00
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