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Customized Time: 2-3 working daysSKU: PWFR-SB-L28-C1B/Brown-CAA-MB-D15-5-frontwig-448Length: 28 InchColor: #Ombre BrownTexture: Body WaveWeight: 350gCap Construction: 13x4 Lace Frontal Transparent WigDensity: 200%Feature: 200% density, full..
Ex Tax:$489.00
Customized Time: 2-3 working daysSKU: 0805-1B#-18-Ssame-PWFR55-CAA-D18-MB-frontwig-420Length: 18 InchColor: #1BTexture: Body WaveWeight: 350gCap Construction: 5x5  Transparent Lace Closure WigDensity: 180%Feature: 180% density, full and thick!Ca..
Ex Tax:$220.00
SKU: LM-T5-XTLTWW-10C-NC-LBFeature:Framing Your Face with Fluffy CurlsFashionable & Versatile Bangs with Great VolumeGlueless Install. Beginner FriendlyShort Hair & Lightweight..
Ex Tax:$90.00
SKU: LM-T5-HHWW-10Q-NC-NLLength: 10 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: CurlyWeight: 160gCap Construction: Capless WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 200%Feature:1. Glueless, Zero Skills Install, Throw On & Go2. 200% Density, Full & L..
Ex Tax:$59.00
SKU: LM-T5-HHJC-10Q-4-NLLength: 10 InchColor: #6 Chestnut BrownTexture: CurlyWeight: 160gCap Construction: T Part Lace WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature: 1. Glueless, Zero Skills Install, Throw On & Go2. Soft & Smooth, Ver..
Ex Tax:$55.00
SKU: LM-T3-HHFLC-10F-NC-BLength: 10 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: CurlyWeight: 160gCap Construction: Capless WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature:1. Glueless, Zero Skills Install, Throw On & Go2. Soft & Smooth, Very Manageable3. Low Maintenance, Beginner Friendly4. Mo..
Ex Tax:$52.00
SKU: LM-T6-TPBOB-10M-RB27-BLength: 10 InchColor: #27 Honey BlondeTexture: StraightWeight: 160gCap Construction: T Part Lace WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature: 1. 12A Diamond best quality hair2. Double drawn weft, minimum shed..
Ex Tax:$77.00
SKU: T5-44BOB-10M-ORA-BLength: 10 InchColor: #OrangeTexture: StraightWeight: 200gCap Construction: 4”x4” Closure WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature: Set the tone in hair fashion with a wide variety of bright and bold hues. Our lace fronts offer natural-looking appearance in additi..
Ex Tax:$89.00
SKU: PWFR-SS-L10-C613-CAA-LB-D15-4-frontwig-246Length: 10-14 InchColor: #613 Lightest BlondeTexture: StraightWeight: 150-200gCap Construction: 4*4 Upgrade Lace Front WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature:1. Use swiss lace, good qualit..
Ex Tax:$105.00
SKU: PWFR-SC-L10-C1B-CAA-MB-D15-5-frontwig-124-ALength: 10-14 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: CurlyWeight: 150-200gCap Construction: 13*4 Lace Front WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature:1. Use swiss lace, good quality.2. Pre-plu..
Ex Tax:$100.00
SKU: PWFR-SW-L10-C1B-CAA-MB-D15-5-frontwig-125-ALength: 10-14 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: Water WavyWeight: 150-200gCap Construction: 13*4 Lace Front WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature:1. Use swiss lace, good qua..
Ex Tax:$100.00
SKU: LM-T5-44DBOB-12S-NC-BLength: 12 InchColor: #1B Natural BlackTexture: Water WavyWeight: 180gCap Construction: 4”x4” Lace Closure WigLace Material: Swiss LaceDensity: 150%Feature: 1. No baby hair pre-plucked realistic hairline!2.&nb..
Ex Tax:$90.00
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