Why Your Favorite Youtubers Are Starting Hair Business?


Entrepreneurial forces are struggling!

The overwhelming majority of people are beginning to realize that entrepreneurship is another way to get rich, and then choose to start their own business, and there are many ways to start a business. For exsample, on YouTube, did anyone notice that so many users of YouTube users are starting businesses, especially the hair extension business?

Your favorite YouTube beauty gurus are constantly receiving packages full of makeup and, sometimes even free bundles of extensions. So many YouTubers even get paid to review the free hair they’ve received. So why would they want to give that up to start their own hair business?

Let’s talk about it!

The Hair Extensions Industry

Did you know that the hair industry is one of the fastest-growing industries? Over the past two decades, we have seen massive changes in the hairstyles we wear, products we use, and the way we purchase them.

Goodbye hot combs and finger waves, and hello flat-irons and sew-ins.

The hair industry is so profitable because women will always have hair. And they will always need it to be healthy and styled. There was a time that hair extensions were so expensive and rare that they were reserved some the affluent and celebrities.

clip in hair extensions

Now in 2018, hair extensions of all types are sold every day to thousands of everyday women and celebrities. The everyday woman wears clip-ins to thicken and lengthen her flat hair. Or maybe she wants to add a ponytail piece for a long ponytail. She may also get a beautiful long sew-in for prom or a wedding, or maybe a quick weave bob for a simple and affordable new protective style.

Whatever the occasion, women all around us wear hair extensions on a daily or occasional basis.

Why YouTuber Started Its Own Hair Business


It is very profitable to conduct business through YouTube. Youtubers can earn a lot of money.

Initially, most Youtubers collaborated with other hair companies to make profits. The company would send hair for free and pay YouTubers to check their hair because they knew they would receive hundreds of orders because of their recommendations.

Once YouTuber realizes how much money the company makes from hair advertising, they may think, “Maybe I should sell my hair.” In theory, creating your own hair business makes more sense because they know that subscribers will buy anything they say. Moreover, the money you make from selling your hair is more than the profits you get from working with the company.

In addition to the monetary value of the hair business, many YouTubers do not like to create hair extension videos. As YouTuber, you are very excited about the company’s work when the brand first provides you with content about paid video.

But after about 50 assessments, you are tired of changing your hair at any time. Even have to lie to fans who are loyal to the hair. YouTubers tend to be exhausted by the company’s request and hope they can find a way out but still pay the bills.

So they decided to start their own business.

Why YouTube’s Influence Is The Key?

In the past, the only place where you could purchase hair products was a beauty shop, hair salon, or hair stylist. This makes hair extension shopping expensive and cumbersome.

Now in 2018, we buy everything online, and hair extensions are no exception.

Youtube Word of mouth marketing is very powerful, because when our friends or family recommend products or services to us, we immediately believe them and we can see the results in person. This is very similar to the product purchased by YouTuber after evaluating it. Why is this?

Remember that Google owns YouTube and generally prefers to use YouTube content in its searches. Spend time with keyword tags and keyword-rich video descriptions to increase search rankings.

So for you, when people want to shop, they are more inclined to listen to people they trust than to traditional advertising. People prefer to collect suggestions from family, friends and colleagues instead of strangers or brands. When this is not an option, they turn to YouTube.

The Advantages Of Doing Business On Youtube

As I said before, Youtube‘s word-of-mouth marketing is very powerful. Due to trust, their subscribers will buy anything they say. This is a very good advantage.

start hair extensions

Second, you can express your own brand personality. YouTube has the opportunity to add color and dynamics to your business image. For example, Youtuber can not only publish video clips of hair promotions and video tutorials, but also share video clips of how to use a wig and so on.

Third, you can also provide solutions on YouTube for users who have not yet understood his product. People ask questions every day to search engines and ask them how to solve their problems, such as “How do I clean my hair extensions?” If you know how to solve this problem, then posting videos on YouTube to show it is a good way. Allows your product to attract the attention of those who need it.

Youtube, as the world’s first video website, uses its hair business to be extremely commercial. Of course, success depends on its own efforts.

How To Start A Hair Business On YouTube?

hair extensions business

1.Find A Good Vendor

If you love wearing hair extensions, then you already know what kind you like and don’t like.

You have probably tried great hair extensions and terrible hair extensions, and you know the difference very well. You can easily try high-quality 8a grade Brazilian Virgin hair extensions from Private Label Extensions to decide what textures you like the best. Private Label Extensions has a wide array of extension options, so you’re bound to find something you love.

Private Label Extensions can even make your custom silk bags, hangtags, and more for your custom packaging.

2.Create An Online Store

Your subscribers are all around the world, not right next door. So the only way to give them all access to your extension is through your online website.

Creating an online store doesn’t have to be difficult. You can choose to create your website yourself. Or you can have Private Label Extensions create a beautiful custom website with all your hair extensions pre-loaded.

If you choose to create a website on your own, there are tons of tutorials detailing ways to create a website for beginners. Be sure to upload all the products you’d like to sell and ensure they are categorized properly. Try your best to make the website as visually appealing as possible.

Take nice pictures of yourself wearing the hair and upload them to your website, so your visors see how the hair looks installed.

3.Market Using Social Media

If you have a large internet following, then marketing on social media will be a breeze!

Your loyal followers and subscribers already love you, so make a YouTube video announcing the launch of your new hair brand. In your video, be authentic and communicate with your subscribers the same way you would in any other hair video. Do tutorials using only your hair from your hair brand.

Post pictures of yourself wearing only your hair extensions on Instagram and tag your business hair page in the photos.


If you are a YouTuber and you like hair extensions at the same time, and your subscribers like to watch your tutorial, then you need to start your hair brand! When marketing your own hair extension company, you can continue to build your own brand and followers.
I hope you can make your own business!

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