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Virgin Hair Marketing

Virgin Hair Marketing

Despite how good Virgin Hair is, it’s all about the customers, how can we sell a large volume of our products as well as how to respond to their dissatisfaction in regards to our products? The closer you are to your targeted customers, the easier it is to make direct contact. In addition to this, from the feedback you will be getting from them, it will be easier based on your direct contact with customers to make changes and also know where to adjust in order to keep up with the stiff competition we are facing. It is all about marketing strategy in order to achieve these and also make high sales volume.

With the current stiff competition in the market, for us to target more customers, we have to employ technology while doing our marketing. In today’s’ world everyone is either equipped or is trying to be up to date with the current technology, therefore, this will give us various platforms that will help us to promote and market Virgin Hairline. Here are some methods which we can use to help increase our sales in the market.

1. Hair Extension Website

Hair Extension Website

It’s always good to have a place that you can call your own. You can see others using other social sites like Instagram DM or Facebook- messenger to sell their products successfully but when it comes to marketing and selling your products, it is a dangerous strategy to build yourself on platforms set by others. And this will bring us to set your own website. In order to achieve a long-term success, it is necessary to set up a fast, well-designed website which will have a variety of in-demand virgin hairlines for our customers.

The modern platforms to build on our E-commerce Virgin Hair line website can be:

1. Squarespace
2. Volusion
3. WordPress
4. Wix
5. Shopify
6. Big commerce

We will only use WordPress for our customers. The major reasons why we will not use other platforms to sell our Virgin Hair products are; when it comes to Shopify, it takes an additional of 1% of all the transactions. This is because they do not process transactions themselves thus you have to use a third processor to make a transaction such as PayPal or but unlike WordPress, an additional fee is not charged. Our main goal is To drive traffic to our website which is our own marketing platform.

2. Facebook

tedhair facebook

Many people are connected through Facebook and there is no doubt that it tops when it comes to an online platform that connects the whole world. There are various ways to use Facebook to sell Virgin Hair products. For instance, we can use;
Your personal Facebook; this will give a platform to sell and promote our products to friends on facebook. One can use this method sparingly together with long promos so that your Facebook friends will not get sick of the regular promotions thus one should pump the breaks. In addition to this, one can squeeze in some promotions as well as upload some thus “behind the scene” photos or videos of the Virgin Hair line brands. Apart from this, we can use Facebook as our own marketplace, it gives you a platform that is free, you can list all the Virgin Hair line Products as well as easily communicate with potential customers or buyers.

3. Twitter


Many people have been using Twitter as far as from 2006, having a strategized marketing team, Virgin Hair marketing team can use twitter as well as other members to market their products on several occasions such as tweeting photos and videos of the Virgin Hair line products as well as #Hashtags to potential customers.

To be at par on this platform, one should learn to utilize some of the twitter’ search features that will introduce us to customers looking hair. a hair brand owner should not just try and sell on twitter but to be experts when it comes to using the Twitter platform. Additional services we will be offering to clients having issues with regards to coloring, washing as well as other hair related questions.

Here are twitter marketing ideas we can employ:

1. Sharing links to posts related to our hairline brands and education.
2. Retweeting selfies of our clients wearing our Virgin Hair.
3. Asking followers on twitter if they have questions about our Virgin hair brands.
4. Tweeting our blog posts as well as products.
5. Forming relationships with stylists that could become our clients.

4. Instagram

tedhair instagram

This is another platform to showcase Virgin Hair as well as market them. We can use photos of our products, promos and also our clients’ photos. We can show them some love by reposting their Instagrams’ photos while wearing our products. With these posts, it is an excellent way of giving some props for looking good in addition to this; we will be showing our potential customers our Virgin Hair products.

To keep our potential clients or followers eager to see more of our products, we have to showcase different photos so that they will not get bored and lose interest in our brands.just as Facebook, depending on our budget, Instagram advertising, is another way that we can market our Virgin Hair brands quickly. We can also sponsor ads as well as posts just like on facebook.

5. Create contest

Black Hair contest

It is obvious that giving away our Virgin Hair products away can be expensive, but this, on the other hand, can get us some serious marketing power. By creating a contest is an excellent way for us to get our products lots of exposure in the market. Therefore, if we craft the perfect Virgin Hair contest, we can get a good return on our campaign. These contests will involve, sharing posts, liking our page, tagging friends, in addition to these, it will give us a platform to interact with our potential clients.

Therefore, in order to maximize our Virgin Hair marketing efforts with a contest, we will use various ways such as; Instagram contest, Facebook contest, and blog contest.

6. Sponsor an event

How to Turn Salon Clients into Returning Clients?

We have events everywhere thus this is where our targeted customers are also found. The main reason for being part of these events is to reach targeted audiences for our products. And in the case in some scenarios, we will not have staffs or even resources to present while at these events, they might not allow vendors at an event but this should not block us but we will opt to sponsor these events.

Apart from sponsoring events, in order to cut costs related to these, we can also agree to cross-promote the event with our local following, chances are we might not pay a large sum to become a sponsor for an event.

7. Interview a Celebrity Stylist

Interview a Celebrity Stylist

Celebrity stylists are no different from other individuals, they also love to get that opportunity to be interviewed and featured. The strategy behind interviewing famous hairstylist with many followers that might sometimes have no idea about our products is that by posting these interviews on our blogs as well as linking them to our social media channels, it will give search engine something more to the interview to look as on our Virgin Hair website. Therefore, as our website becomes more powerful, we will start getting traffic from individuals who will be searching the name of the celebrity stylist featured in the interviewed.

And in case, we craft a great interview with these hairstylists, there are high chances that they can share these interviews with their followings hence this can be a quick way of getting in front of many of potential clients for our business.

8. Create a Google Adwords Campaign

Create a Google Adwords Campaign

It is important to note that Google Adwords is the mecca of online advertising, hence with a little bit of time to do enough research on how we can be successful with our Adwords campaigns as well as money on an Adwords course; these could set our Virgin Hair marketing plan to be more lucrative.

9. Starting a Hair Affiliate Marketing Program

Starting a Hair Affiliate Marketing Program

This is a way of promoting our products and sales. We will have an affiliated plan that will have a compensation of 10%-15% of the sale provided. It will ultimately cut into our profits but our strategy will be to increase sales and exposure to our products with no cost involved apart from setting up the software. But with a well-built software, it will enable affiliate to join our programs through an online form, that is after affiliate is already set up, and affiliate link or affiliate coupon will be sent thus it will help to market the Virgin Hair as well as in tracking sales.

10. Creating a Survey

hair survey

It is important to create a channel on how to get feedback and responses from customers thus this should be part of our Virgin Hair marketing plan. This will help us on how to guide our products, services as well as on pricing of products. Therefore by creating a survey, it will be a great way of gathering data from our clients. With surveying, it can also help to create content for our blogs.

11. Creating Video Tutorials on YouTube

tedhair youtube

Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine therefore, we will create videos of us at hair events, tutorials on how to use our brands as well as coloring our Hair products so that our customers can learn through YouTube on how they can do their hair.

12. Pin-interest

Getting started with Pinterest for Business webinar

It is just like any other search engine; our product is targeting women thus 99% of pins on pin-interest are normally created by women. Therefore this is also one of the best platforms to reach our targeted customers.

13. LinkedIn


We will be promoting Virgin Hair with our personal profile as well as creating a LinkedIn company page.

14. Collaborating with other Bloggers


Bloggers always love content thus it won’t be bad to help them as out as we get rewarded. Therefore, we will be creating a business relationship with various bloggers as we get links to our websites with a target of tapping into audiences that are already set up by these bloggers.

15. Send Products to Influencers

hair giveaway

We can use social influencers to promote our products as they have a larger following thus through them, the audiences would love to wear what their favorite celebs are wearing and in return, we will be having more sales.

16. Create a Meme


Create some fun while marketing, therefore by creating a meme that shows the lighter side of our personality with regards to Virgin Hair as we post them on social media will ultimately go viral on social media thus promoting our products and sales.

17. Advertising on the Radio

Radio Ads

Radio has been a traditional form of advertising thus it has a large audience; therefore it is one of the best media to market our products to potential customers.

18. Get a billboard


If a billboard is put on a strategic place where many people can see or get a view of it, they might develop interest and search for our locations or look for us through our websites.

19. Print Hats and T-Shirts

By considering printing T-Shirts and hats with our Virgin Hair logo is another way of promoting ourselves. We become a walking billboard and potential customers can ask us or people wearing these hats and t-shirts about us.

20. Asking for reviews

It is common these days for customers to look for reviews of a product before buying, hence, it will be good if we ask our customers to write reviews on how they feel about our products and for negative feedbacks it will help us to improve on areas with complains so that we can make changes where necessary to add value for our products and with positive reviews, it will attract more customers to use and buy our products.

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