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Selling hair extensions to beauty salons, online store owners, and distributors is a huge business, as TedHair, the premium hair extensions manufacturer in China, will be able to tell you. The company provides premium quality hair products and service for professionals in the hair business. It has a warehouse in Atlanta and provides all the necessary detail for customers in the US on product ranges and sales strategies.

Mainly Products on TedHair

Brazilian body wave hair

The company supplies wholesale virgin Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, closures, colored Remy hair among other brands and sources. The hair is all classified as 100% human hair. It sells directly to the beauty suppliers who would, in turn, be contacted by members of the public interested in buying products.

Malaysian Kinky Curly Hair


Review of TedHair

TedHair Hair Warehouse

TedHair also provides wig tips for styles that you’ve probably never seen online before. If you want to get into the hair extension sales business, make sure that you know the difference between synthetic hair and market virgin hair brand and the various styles that are available. If you are counting on getting referrals or return business you should serve your clients professionally.

Peruvian Natural Wave Hair

Let’s consider you’re just starting out and a bit unsure about wholesale virgin hair. It is available from Peru, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Brazil. There are many styles available for wholesale virgin hair, and it can be used in different ways when compared to synthetic hair. It will be more expensive because it’s imported, but in many cases, it’s worth it.

This hair has not undergone any chemical treatment, unlike synthetic hair. If you are a beauty salon owner, extensions must already be a part of your portfolio. You could add wholesale virgin hair marketing to your stable and make profits. You can buy in bulk and get the seller to offer you a discount. So, you will still be selling at the original price and that will see you sign up your profit margins.

New styles are possible with virgin hair that isn’t with synthetic hair. Hair is softer and more pliable. It is also important to note that when it comes to hair weaves, only virgin hair can achieve the kind of look that you are going for.

Differences between Real and Synthetic Hair

Synthetic black hair

Will you be able to tell the difference between real and synthetic hair? In some cases, it’s very difficult to tell. Let’s look at how you could spot the difference. There’s the price range. Synthetic hair is much cheaper, it can begin to look used’ after a few weeks’of wear, and, it can’t be styled like human hair. Virgin hair, on the other hand, can be used for many years and blends in well with your natural hair. You should examine the ends of the hair. Synthetic hair will always be perfect to the touch. Real hair will feel REAL and be easy to curl around your fingers. Also, before going with extensions, try clip-in extensions. That may provide the answer for you.

real hair extensions

But you should always have your budget in mind. Keep a stock of both synthetic and virgin hair wigs and extensions. You will always have a varied clientele and while there will be those that will be satisfied with cheaper products, others would rather go for virgin hair.

Always stock a wide range of accessories as they will always be in demand!

Good luck with your new hair experience. You will hopefully not be in for a hair-raising time!!

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