How to Promote Hair Product to Your Customers?


How to Promote Hair Product to Your Customers?


Hair Care has been an important part the person’s life due to the fact that hair plays a major role in a person’s outlook and personality. So due to the pollution and Rush Hour life we fail to do much care for a hair due to which damages such a split ends hair loss dandruff etc. occur and always in a fuss to get rid of these. The best way to apply hair products that help nourish the hair and help regain the natural texture back. A person always prefers a suggested thing hence hair stylist and salons have a major role in their choice of product which is also a way to make effective money by suggesting top Class Products which helped a customer as well as the salon.

• Suggesting Hair products

They can be various methods to suggest your products to our clients. A few methods are listed below which will help you connect better with the client.

• By advertising on blog

If you are running a salon blog then posting the list of the products you have and telling the benefits of each product, the origin and price would help your customers think over it and ask you to use them.

• By suggesting some products that can be used to enhance the current look

People preferred down hairstyles like to keep them for a long time as the required product that helps them achieve it, so it is important to grab the chances and suggest as per requirement.

• Hair nutrition products

Many times people are having hair related problems for which solutions they don’t know off, for example, for example, curly hair people other people having hair defects. This can be the chance to promote a product a nice day succeed in the customer’s requirement they will definitely become a regular customer and suggest it to other colleagues.

• Doing a demo

People only trust when they see the effect of what you use on them so it can be a good idea to apply a demo to them let them decide if it is right or not.

• Listing out at last

Once the hair styling is finished before leaving be sure that you tell them the list of all the products you have so that they have knowledge about it, they may not try today but definitely will try tomorrow.

• Broadcasting by the name of the celebrity using them

People are flattered towards celebrities and like to use the product favorite celebrity use and hence you can always tell your customer about the famous personalities used the product as a daily routine and achieved fantastic results in grooming their hair and looks.

• Using videos depicting the effects of each product

A TV broadcasting videos of all the products you have in your salon nonstop will always catch an of the customer who is there for at least an hour for this style makeover and will definitely ask about a product or two to know about them in detail.


The following methods stated above can be used to promote the products in your salon but the very important skill lies in the stylist himself who has to build up a relationship with the customer himself. If he is able to do so then the customer will be ready and excited to try the product suggested by him. Another important thing to keep in mind is the effectiveness and side effects of the product, if it is successful and doesn’t have any side effects then the customer is sure to come back and even suggest it to his colleagues and family to give a go at it. So to conclude although there are techniques to promote but still the skill of the person matters in the end as he has to deal with the customer and his questions and has to try and convince him.







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