Should You Open a Physical Hair Extension Storefront?


The times are changing and the trend is changing. And today’s era is the era of the pursuit of beauty. Except clothing, cosmetics and so on, in order to meet people’s needs, the wig industry has also emerged from the spotlight and has been expanding rapidly. Among them, hair extension is also loved by consumers. Most people like to buy hair extensions online.

In today’s advanced technology era, most people choose online sales. First, because of the lower cost of the Internet, and second, because of the convenience and speed, customers place orders online, and stores are responsible for home delivery without spending too much time. Since online sales are so convenient, do we still need an actual Hair Extension Storefront? The answer is of course need!

Why do we need it? So today let’s discuss together whether we should open a Physical Hair Extension Storefront.


First of all, let’s talk about the benefits of opening a physical hair store in the real world.

  1. Better consumer experience

The greatest downfall of an online platform is its lack of customer experience.

Having a store location for your hair extensions will allow you to interact with your customers more and build relationships. Customers will be able to share their feedback with you in person instead of running to a review section first.

I’m sure companies would have loved to get a chance to speak with customers before they post their reviews. In the public view, it sometimes can appear as if the company didn’t want to help.

However, the hair extension store platform will eliminate that issue. Companies will have second chances to make things right.

  1. Better selling products

Of course, the vast majority of people do not like online shopping because they cannot see or touch the product. However, personally selling hair extensions will give customers a chance to see what they are going to buy. Despite the sadness, many hair traders are swindling online.

  1. Better sales

Online marketing is one thing, but in-person marketing is different. There’s something about people seeing your face that will give them an instant sense of trust. When people trust you, they will also trust whatever products you plan on selling or business you start.

Next, let’s talk about the shortcomings.

  1. Must operate the entire store

Having a storefront hair extension store means it must be run just like any other store.

When you have an online store, you only need to check on orders and questions here and there. But with a store, you would have to be there for at least eight hours, or you could hire a team of people to work with you. Running a store requires a lot of work though. You have to make sure you’re bringing in sales because you will have rent to pay (unless you purchased property).

This store needs to be designed, it needs equipment maintenance, it needs to be advertised, and of course it is more important that it needs an operating license. Running a store isn’t a bad idea at all, it requires a lot so make sure you cover your basis.

  1. Must maintain adequate inventory

When you’re running an online store, it’s easy to get away with running out of a product. You can still accept purchases while you’re ordering product and tell the customer the shipping may be late. However, when running a hair extension store, you may face customers who don’t want to wait or don’t have patience. They may also feel like they cant depend on your company if you’re the product is always out of stock.

Make sure to keep this in mind if you decide to go this route.

  1. Must have a good attitude to serve customers

you must be a people person! Society just can’t take another person in customer service that has a bad attitude!

This mindset could be why many people opt for online stores because they won’t have to handle issues in person or over the phone. When there’s an issue, they could send an email to address it.

Handling the public requires one to have a strong backbone. A business owner can’t be rude to a customer in person. Anything can happen, plus you face more of a risk. If you don’t believe you’re the person for this role, you could always hire a store manager to handle the big things.


At the end of the summary, open hair salons have good advantages, but also have some shortcomings, but it is worthwhile to ask the value of open hair extension store, I think it is worthwhile to have a store allows customers to enjoy the process of consumption, but also allows customers to be intuitive In the face of products, this is not possible with online sales.

Of course, opening a hair extension store requires a lot of patience and dedication. If you are determined and prepared to do it, then I believe you can still do it.


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