Why It’s Not Too Late to Start Hair Extensions Business?


So many women dream of starting their hair extensions business but are too afraid to make the first steps because they think it is too late.

As a saying goes, procrastination is a stumbling block to success. There is no question that the hair extensions business is a booming market! Hair Extensions are becoming more popular across all ethnic group, which includes sew-ins, tape-ins, clip-ins, and wigs.

This growing demand indicates that there is even more of an opportunity for you to be in the hair extension business!

If you want to start your own business, then I suggest you go to action now, start hair extensions business, everything is not too late!

Why Do People Feel Late?

There are three main reasons for this.

“I am too old”

So many women complain about how they have let so many years pass by, and they haven’t taken their dream seriously enough to start a business.

You are never too old or even too young to start a hair extensions business. Your age is irrelevant to the level of success you can have. If anything, you will be taken a little more seriously due to your maturity.

“I do not have enough money”

This is a problem that many people will encounter when they first start their own business, that is, they do not have enough money. In fact, the science and technology is now very developed. We can choose an economically appropriate way to start the business.

Doing business online, unlike a brick-and-mortar business, you don’t need a lot of startup capital. You may spend a limited amount of time and energy on this, but there is also the advantage that you are free to allocate your own time. Work and life together, why not?

“I don’t know how to start a business”

This may also be a troublesome problem for many people. At this moment, you should think about yourself. Where are your interests? What makes you heartily? What do you think about it? Once you have mapped these ideas, see: Which of these ideas inspired me most and started from there.

My advice here is to learn as much as possible how to do business. Do not know anything before starting a business, otherwise, the business will eventually fail.

It’s Not Too Late to Start Hair Extensions Business.

In addition to the above, of course, there are other reasons, some people may find “the market is too saturated.”

In that case, every market is “too saturated.” This is everyone’s go-to excuse for procrastinating on starting their business.

While Asian suppliers dominate the hair extensions industry, American, Black-owned hair extensions brands are not very common. Nothing is new in this world, so don’t expect to find many industries that aren’t “too saturated.” Remember, no one is like you!

Be yourself, and you will stand out even in a saturated market.

Start own business

Don’t Be Afraid To Start NOW

If you are a salon owner, a beauty bar owner, a hair shop owner, or you just want to start a hair business from scratch, here are few things you need to know before starting the hair business.

1. Hair quality is everything for the business.

In hair business, your business only gets better and better only if you have regular return customers, and they want to spread the word about the product, you might be heard that it takes 10 times effort to get a new customer than to keep an old one, so trust me, even you have a good location shop, a nice salon that has thousands of customers, the bad hair will ruin all this advantage.

2. Find a trustworthy hair wholesale vendor.

There are ten thousands of hair wholesale vendors on the market but you need to find the one you trust, it doesn’t need to be a big company, find the one match up with your own business and you can trust them. We can’t tell you which one is good but below things are what bad vendors do:

  • Brag their hair is 8/9/10 A grade, trust me there is actually no standard of hair grade, 10A just looks better on numbers but actually means nothing.
  • Tell you their hair is cheap. Always remember the good quality costs money, if someone gives you an extremely low price, you can 100% sure that the hair quality is cheap too.
  • Compromise on quality. Trying to convenience you sell lower quality hair means they can earn more money for lower quality than higher quality.
  • Give you big discount and lot of gift. Remember that you are paying all the gifts and discount always goes together with quality compromise.

3. How do I make mix the length and textures?

If you are new for hair business and don’t know about the customer requirement well, here is our suggestion:

  • Lengths, 10’- 20’, 60% of your order. 22’ -28’, 30% of your orders. 30’-34’,10% of your orders.
  • Textures, Straight Hair, 50% of your order. Body Wave,30% of your order, 10% Curly hair, the rest of 10% mix some other style.
  • After you start the business then you will understand more about customer needs then you can adjust your inventory based on your needs.

4. How do I promote my hair business?

There are many ways to promote your business, but you should have a clear mind before you start the business, ask yourself a question first, I won’t sell if online or offline?

If you are salon owner or a stylist, your current customer is your best potential customer. If you want to sell it online, you can promote your business on facebook, twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. you need to prepare some pictures, if you don’t have HD pictures, you can always ask help from your hair vendor, most of them have this service.

As a wholesale hair vendor, TedHair would like to help you build or improve your business, if you have any other questions or need our wholesale hair price, please check our hair wholesale page, or you can follow us on:











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