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Our Virgin Hair brand is already selling in the market, we have already passed the introduction stage, and therefore, our target is to increase our sales as we enhance brand awareness. The only way to achieve these is to market our brands to our targeted customers in the market. We know that Virgin Hair brand is amongst the best hair brands in the market, it’s of high quality but as long as we are not aggressive with our marketing team, then sales volume will always be low. By marketing Virgin Hair brand, it will help to sell our name out to interested customers and also to interesting customers who may have never had the thought that they needed our brands. It is important to do aggressive marketing on our products since this is the only way that will bring customers to us.

We have different ways that we can use to market our brands but to do so, we will have to build a social asset that will make our brand important as well as necessary in our customers’ lives. Below are methods we can use to market our products;

1. Creating a Website.

Hair Extension Website

In today’s world, people are informed and are trying to be up to date with the technology. Therefore for any business to be successful in this information age, it is necessary to have a website. Our website contains all the information that our potential customers may want regarding our brands. Customers always visit websites to get more information about products and services and it’s in order for us to deliver.

To market our brand to customers through our website, we will have to provide information about our brands, what they are made of, where they come from, how we dye our brands, the colors that are available in our stocks as well as where they are produced, in addition to any other question that our potential may want to ask. The best website should link up to other marketing areas that we associate ourselves with such as Facebook or Youtube.

A well-designed website should have enough information, uncluttered as well as easy to read. It should not have too much of information on the front page but it should be clean to attract visitors. Signing up for Google analytics can also help to monitor the number of people visiting our website.

2. SEO.

SEO is very important when it comes to building up our hair brands. SEO always helps search engines to find our websites as well as information about our brands. If we are doing Search engine optimization in an orderly manner, our website will always come up at the top of search engine’s results. To ensure that our website will be looked at, we should maintain being amongst the first on the top list on the search engine.

To market our website more using SEO, our website must be in HTML, without it, the search engine bots will be unable to read the contents of our websites. And where we have included pictures and videos of our brands, we have to put descriptions under any of our images and the words to be used have to be specific. In addition to these, to keep our brands’ sites high in the engine search results; we will have to be continually watching an evolving of our competitors in the market. To enhance our SEO; we should use keywords that apply to our website as well as something that a customer would wish to look for keywords such as “best hair brands”. Thus, the search engines will always look such keywords throughout various websites everywhere to find that match; therefore putting keywords on our website will absolutely make us more of a target for visitors looking for such keywords.

3. Creating a blog.

hair blog

Blogging is another way of selling our name out there, therefore, we need to write all about our Hair brand, and these posts do not have to be long but relevant to our brands. We can then post these blog entries on our website thus to tie them together. The importance of blogging is that it allows us to communicate to our potential customers in a more personal level, this will help in letting them know the person behind the brand and as a result, it will enhance a stronger sense of brand loyalty to our product.

We will post many blogs about our products in our website with the aim of keeping the traffic moving to it, in addition to this, we can be a guest blogger on other popular websites that are operating on the same market as us such as style, hair or even beauty website. With this action, it will put our name out there into a larger group of people thus in response, it will bring them over to our own blog and website and therefore, they will be able to know about our brand better. To keep up with SEO for our blog, just as it applies in our website, we will have to make sure that we have thrown in relevant keywords to help search engine discover us.

4. Social Media

online hair business

A large number of people owns smartphones and tablets thus this is another good platform which we can use to market our Hair Brands on social media, it is necessary. There are various social media platforms that we can use to do marketing for our Hair brands. We can use facebook and twitter to market our brands, they give us a good platform to share our Hair brands with potential customers as well as promoting brand loyalty by coupons or even giveaways. In addition to these, Instagram is also another best social media platform; we can post pictures of our Hair brands and how they look like on people’s hair. It is also important to keep up with the trend as well as using appropriate hashtags in order to draw in more customers. We will be sharing our posts with everyone we know both in our personal pages but also in our Company’s social media pages.

Pinterest is another social media site that we should not overlook. There is a trend that people have developed where they love to pin different hair ideas into their own personal boards. Based on this habit in Pinterest, we will make pins relating to our Hair brands are available as well as how people are wearing them. Thus, from the new shopping feature in Pinterest, just from our Pinterest page, we should be offering to our potential customers another opportunity to purchase our Hair brands right there.

Apart from marketing our brands, social media is also great for sharing other marketing we are doing as a Company. For example, if we are going to do a trade show, we can post our events on our facebook and twitter page so that many people are able to see. In addition, if we upload a YouTube, we will have to also share it with social media.

5. Facebook Ads.


There are millions of Facebook users, from here we can get potential customers to market our Hair brands. Facebook always does a great job of matching the ads to individuals who would be interested in the pFacebook Adsroduct. Therefore, Facebook ads will announce our Hair brand to individuals who might have interest in our brands. Before, marketing our brands to people, there are other details it considers such as the locations, gender, age, interest and also other categories to help facebook link to potential customers to our Hair brands.

Facebook advertisement is not free, though they have an adjustable budget option. We will have to put aside some budget for this, thus, with Facebook ads, the more you pay, the more they will push our Hair Brands.

6. Trade Shows.

hair trade show

We can also use trade shows to market our Hair Brands, in addition to this, as we interact at the trade shows, we are able to meet with other hair professionals which will enable us to make contacts as well as awareness to our brands. We will ensure that when attending these trade shows, we will be carrying with us a lot of marketing materials to avoid running out of brochures as well as business cards halfway through. In addition, our social media pages and website should be up to date and run very well so that even after the trade show has ended, they are able to reach us or find us.

While at these trade shows, our team will be wearing our products as well as having Hair brands we are selling to showcase and also demonstrate their uniqueness from other competitors Hair brands.

7. Word of Mouth.

This is a traditional method of marketing products, but it is still effective. We can encourage our clients to tell others about our Hair brands by offering a referral programs to them. We can also share it on our social media pages and website. In addition to these, we will be giving some kind of a reward in incidences where a customer suggests for a friend to try out our products as an exchange when their friend makes a purchase. This aims at encouraging more clients to bring many clients to us. What we will be giving out for referral should not be overly cheap, but something to attract with a target of hooking new customers thus gaining more long-term profit as well as repeat sales that will make it worth it.

In it we won’t be giving referral rewards for our Hair brands, we can just ask our customers to tell their friend about our Hair brands, in addition, we will be having nice business cards available to our customers that entail all our information as well as our locations.

8. Affiliate Marketing.

Starting a Hair Affiliate Marketing Program

We have to widen our customer base so as reach people who we were unable to reach through our own marketing efforts. And this is when we will apply affiliate marketing as well as programs for our brand. We will approach other businesses as well as brands by ourselves so that we can make connections though, this is the cheapest way but we will also have to have more effort as well as time to achieve this.

We can also sign up with an agency so that they can find other companies within the world of Hair brands so that we can link up with them. Therefore, for us to be successful in this, we will have to be more clear our brand, what brand it is as well as the type of business that would be an appropriate affiliate to our Hair brands.

9. YouTube.

tedhair youtube

In order to market our brands on YouTube, we will have to ensure we are using the best keywords so that our videos can be found, the keywords such as “hair brands, best hair brands or hair extension demonstration”, as well as putting these keywords on the description of our brands. These videos help to demonstrate to our customers how to use our products as well as help to market ourselves. These videos should be short when a video is long; viewers get bored of watching it.

10. Email Marketing.

Virgin Hair brands is an amongst the top-selling brands in the market, based on our websites, blogs, and YouTube, we have many followers, therefore, we will not have a problem finding people to go on an emailed newsletter. With our newspaper, we will be able to keep informing our followers about our new products, any changes that we might make on our brands. We can also feature any kind of sales and deals that we are going to make on our brands. By emailing updates to our subscribers, it will help us to create customers retention and also brand loyalty because it will be reminding them to buy our new Hair brands regularly.


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