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Let’s imagine that you are a wig enthusiast and you plan to buy a wig on the internet. Then you find the login page on a hair website, you can see the text and video, which one would you choose? Of course, if you are like the market for 72% of people in video marketing, you will watch videos instead of reading texts.

This is well-founded: The same study showed that 81% of people were persuaded to purchase products because of video marketing.

This means that after you watch the video, you may be more likely to purchase the product of this site.



So, why not everyone is using video marketing?

Many companies insist that written content is easier to produce, so they continue to create boring blog posts for a stagnant website.

At the same time, companies that actually make progress today, including competitors, are creating video marketing content that is accelerating their business and increasing conversion rates.

In fact, making professional-quality videos is easier (and cheaper) than before.

The benefits of video marketing for business are far greater than any effort involved.

In fact, if your marketing strategy does not include video, then you missed one of the top marketing methods in the world today.

The benefits of video marketing

In general, video marketing has many benefits.

For businesses:

Increase Brand Awareness

Imagine seeing someone that you follow on YouTube walking down the street.

How would you react?

It’s happened to me before: I’ve run into people I follow on YouTube, and I got really excited!

People who are popular on YouTube become pseudo-celebrities. That’s why we all gawk and scream inwardly when we see them in real life.

But the funny part is that they aren’t real celebrities. Sure, a lot of these YouTubers do amazing work, but they’re not movie actors.

In reality, they’re just people with cameras recording videos that motivate people. But even so, they have an incredible amount of influence over their audiences.

Increase Brand Awareness

How would you like to have that kind of influence with your business?

When you implement video marketing for business, you can create awareness for your brand and your business.

People will recognize your company, your logo, and your ideas.

But it gets better.

When you start video marketing for business, people will also be more likely to remember your brand down the road.

Increases Your Online Presence

Increases Your Online Presence

Your business website is the foundation of your online presence, and you’re probably selling products or services from that website.

However, in order to increase sales, you need to increase traffic.

How do you increase traffic? By being present in other places online.

All roads that you create online must lead back to your website. And, if done correctly, an increased online presence will directly relate to an increase in sales from your website.

Creating an online presence through video marketing for business is just like creating a new road that leads back to your website.

You’re making it easier for consumers to find your brand through your videos, thus leading them in a different way through the marketing funnel.

But that’s not all.

You see, when your business posts a video on YouTube, you can open up numerous ways for people to find you.

If your video is well-optimized, for example, it can easily show up in a YouTube search or even a Google search, as we’ll discuss below. Allowing people to embed your videos into their own websites also empowers your own following to increase the reach of your brand.

Really, video marketing is an excellent way to increase your online presence.

Video Marketing Builds Trust in Your Brand

Assuming you are buying shampoo, what brand would you buy? Under normal circumstances, you will buy from a brand that you have heard and trusted.

But imagine that you found a new shampoo brand on the web search. You look at the company and find that they have a lot of useful videos about hair care, and even some videos of the shampoo they are selling. You watched some videos and found them really useful. These people really know what they are talking about!

Although this company has never been heard before, these videos have established a certain degree of trust in the company.

This is why video marketing builds trust for businesses.

Video Marketing Can Help You Boost Engagement

Do you know that YouTubers watch more than 1 billion hours of video each day?

Or does the video on Facebook get 135% organic coverage over the video on the picture?

Well, posts posting videos on Twitter are more likely to be retweeted 6 times than postings with pictures?

All these statistics point to the fact that video attracts more viewers than any other type of post.

Video marketing used by all social media is a great way to keep an eye on you.

Video Marketing Helps Convey Information More Efficiently

Using words to explain that your company’s products or services do work. But how many people stopped to read everything you wrote on the site?

Truth believing: It may not be as much as we hope.

But it’s different for video. Research shows that 97% of marketers find that enterprise video marketing increases their understanding of products or services. In addition to this, 95% of consumers watch videos explaining products, and 72% prefer to watch videos to understand products rather than reading written content.

So, we have seen some reasons why video marketing is so powerful in the audience.


For consumers

Video is more attractive

Which video and mobile photos do you think are more interesting? The answer is, of course, the former. Because video can bring us a visual experience, we can even see the process. This is not what the photo has. For example, how to wear a wig, a video that shows how to wear a wig is far better than a photo, because the video can quickly solve our questions.

Video mode is simpler and easier to understand

The video is really awesome.

You can record or elaborate on what you want to say in the video, or something that you find meaningful can be recorded, shared with others, and you can narrow the gap between you. People can get the information they want from your video, and it’s very concise!


Incorporate videos into channels in the hair business

Video blog

In fact, creating a video blog can be more time-efficient than writing them. This provides business owners with the opportunity to share their knowledge of movies. My advice is to write down the five most common questions you get from your customers and create a video for each question. Video does not have to belong; they just need to answer this question.

Shoot six or ten questions at a time (even more). In this way, you can schedule a video blog once a week, and you do not have to make movies regularly. (Hint: As long as you change clothes, it does not look like you wear the same clothes every day!)

Make sure to upload all your videos on your merchant YouTube channel. Includes titles, detailed descriptions, and tagged keywords. This will help your search engine optimization work. Also, when posting on Facebook, be sure to add captions to your video. 85% of videos viewed on Facebook have no sound. In order to add captions, you need to make an SRT file and upload the file to your video. Facebook provides an easy-to-use tutorial for this.


Facebook Live


You’ve probably heard about Facebook Live. It’s precisely what it sounds like — a live video on Facebook. This is an extraordinary stage to feature your business in a valid light.

Plan early. Before going live, think about your goals. What would you like to achieve with this video? What do you hope your followers will take from it? A restaurant owner, for example, might showcase a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into prepping meals. In this case, it’d be important to discuss the details of the recipe and provide viewers a tour of the kitchen.

Additionally, to increase video traffic and engagement, make sure to communicate with your audience when you’ll be going live. Set a date and time so that followers can watch as the video is being broadcasted.

Instagram story

Instagram’s story lets you share moments throughout the day and can complete videos and photos. Use your creativity to add video clips and/or photos throughout your day in your existing story. As business owner, this is a great opportunity to show your day in life. Show us the behind-the-scenes story that makes your company so outstanding. Since Instagram’s story disappears after 24 hours and does not appear in your profile or general information, you don’t need to worry about overuse.

Cover photo

Facebook has released the ability to change the static cover photo to video. The Facebook cover is the most viewed area on the page. So this is a great opportunity to show your business.

Some things to remember:

  • The video must be between 20-90 seconds.
  • The recommended video size is 820 x 312 pixels.
  • The video will continue to loop.

This feature is in its early stages but is expected to be introduced to more audiences soon.

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