How to Turn Salon Clients into Returning Clients?


How to Turn Salon Clients into Returning Clients?

How to Turn Salon Clients into Returning Clients?

It is effortless to make friends but not so easy to keep them. In business what matters most is the number of clients that believe in you, Salon business is also the same. To attract new client is about ten times harder than managing your returning clients. Here are some proven ways to ensure you keep your clients.

Develop A Rewards Program

How to Turn Salon Clients into Returning Clients?

To ensure your clients are loyal to you, start a rewards program. The fantastic thing about this is it may cost you little to nothing, but the result is always surprising. You can pick to share gifts with each client that gets their 8th or 10th service. This will attract more; the clients will also advertise for you as the will call on their friends and family to patronize you.

Create An Inviting And Calm Atmosphere

How to Turn Salon Clients into Returning Clients?

Offering your clients a cup of coffee, playing some cool music can make a huge difference. Treat your clients with a cup of coffee or bottle of water, some goodies like snacks can also help them relax. This will make them see you and your business more like a family, and most won’t mind spending even higher. This will encourage them that you care about their wellbeing, their first experience matters a lot as you may not get a second chance if they are not happy.

Lend An Ear

How to Turn Salon Clients into Returning Clients?

We all want to be given special care, show your clients that you care about their needs and comfort. Many don’t want only their hair done but also want to be distinctive with their styles. Get to know your new clients and ensure you pay keen attention to what they have to say, make them relax and talk and don’t feel angry when they make ridiculous demands.

Entice Them

How to Turn Salon Clients into Returning Clients?

After each service, offer them complimentary service along with their next anticipated visit. Ask questions like; how about free hair maintenance on your next visit. Unarguably, they will come back to enjoy this promo.

Host Events And Special Programs

How to Turn Salon Clients into Returning Clients?

Sometimes going to the salon can be an exceptional experience; clients can be allowed to sample their products, getting a makeover while sipping their wine. You can make them participate in raffles and giveaways. Most successful companies never miss out on this.

Personalize Email/ Media Communication

This is a considerable way to reach out to many customers as possible. This platform has existed for decades hence you can make use of it as its still one of the most popular. When their Emails are always flooded with emails from your company, they won’t be quick to forget their experience, and they will come back for more. Most times many forget, but this can act as a reminder. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. also serve the same purpose; always keep your clients engaged. Don’t just post online but educate and entice them; you can even go personal with your clients who may need your advice or aid.

Accommodate On Special Occasions

You may have clients who have a 1-minute hair emergency or maybe has an event that needs their hair looking great. You can get them to your side if you try to accommodate, although not in all cases but work as much as possible in such situations. These clients will always be grateful because you made them special despite their tight schedule. To be thankful is to be loyal to you.

Offer The Best And The Latest

This is unarguably the best quality you should have if you want to get a lot of followers. You have to stand tall from the crowd. There are loads of competitors and humans always seek out the best. Ensure your staffs are professionals (skilled). Give your customers the latest and best tips. Stock your salon with different exotic and trendy materials and help them make the perfect chance. When your clients receive compliments and inquiries from outsiders, they will surely want to continue with you.

This is also the best form of an advert. Your handwork should speak for you.

In a nutshell, treating your customers well will be a fantastic outcome for you. Your credo should always rotate on ‘’we will treat you like Royalty because of your Loyalty”. Also, ensure you abide by this too.

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