5 Ways to Make More Money as a Hair Stylist


5 Ways to Make More Money as a Hair Stylist

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There are many people with hair who need a new hairstyle, but there are also many hairdressers. Therefore, if you want to become self-employed as a hairdresser and no longer earn money in the employee relationship, you have to stand out and distinguish from the broad mass of many barbershops.

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It is good if you have other, special expertise, such as in wellness, beauty, and cosmetics because the pure hair cutting was yesterday. Today, many customers want more than that when they visit a barbershop. Nevertheless, setting up a business with your own hairdressing salon and earn more money is promising.

Entrepreneurs, the personal care market of hairdresser and spa is very profitable since people care about their image every time. TedHair has provided here very crucial 5 ways to make more money as a hair stylist:

1. Customer acquisition and customer loyalty:

To win customer acquisition and customer loyalty is the key in this business. Here it is good, if already before a large acquaintance circle existed because many acquaintances can also recommend. With a good location, for example in the pedestrian zone, you can reach a lot of passing customers.

If you open your business in a residential area, then you can win the surrounding neighbors as permanent customers. If you then offer different areas of wellness, such as a head massage, beauty, and cosmetics, even more, customers will find their way into the business. Also, diplomas of training or competitions, which you have participated in and maybe even won or photos of the latest trends in hair fashion on the walls in the entrance area of the store will take the customer interested.

2. Identify who your potential client will be:

When you attend a hairdresser, look at the age of the people who demand that service. For example, potential customers are in the range of 20 to 50 years. But there is a new niche that is growing like spa or beauty salons for girls and teenagers. Another segment that is growing is that of men, currently, they demand services such as a dye, manicure, pedicure, and novel cuts.

3. What is your value proposition?

You must identify what other beauty salons in your area lack and provide additional services such as reducing massages, facials, new trends in manicure and makeup. To do this, you must train, you should invest a little, do not see it as an expense, but as an investment.

4. Fear and comfort keep hair stylist trapped:

Most of the hair stylist cannot make more money as they stick with their prices somewhere in the cowardly middle. At the same time, they do not even notice how their business model is becoming increasingly interchangeable, and they are increasingly exposed to the price war but actually the regional price structure far different than they thought. If you are already providing the best customer service with the elegant environment of your salon, you should not scare to hike price for your valued services.

5. Identify how you will reach your potential clients:

Today in the world of internet, everyone is connected. You also should take advantage of social media. There are various channels you will use and where you will communicate with your customers, through social networks, Fan page, email marketing, website or a blog. Keep posting your customer feedback and attractive pictures there. Also keep launching new and alluring offer so more and more customer will visit your salon and eventually, you will earn more money.

Thus, here are very important 5 ways to make more money as a hair stylist. Once you will take above important points which are provided by TedHair into the consideration. You will probably make good money as a hairstylist.

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